Virtual Photo Album

The Virtual Photo Album is a php based web site useful for the display of family/friend photos organized into collections. The site supports dynamic captioning of photos by visitors, user preferences (keyed by cookie), creation of custom photos for visitors, and the display of mini-movies (animated GIF files).

For more information about this project, please visit some of the following pages:

This software is free software licenced under the General Public Licence (GPL).

Latest Version (in development)

This new version of the Virtual Photo Album is destined to become version 2. The following new features are either working, in development, or planned:

The latest version of this branch that will become version 2.0 is available by using the following link. Please be aware that this verison requires PHP v4 or better and PostgresSQL v7 or better. MySQL may be supported again at some time in the future. Installation and photo creation instructions are included, but may be a little sparse, so please send me email if you are trying to get this new version working and are having trouble.

The most recent version of the photo album software is available through anonymous CVS access from sourceforge. To download the software using CVS, enter the following commands:

$ cvs login
$ cvs -z8 co vphotoalb
When asked for a password, just press ENTER.

An online demo of this new version is available in two versions:

Note: if asked for a username and password, use demo and demo.

Please feel free to explore every aspect of this demo.


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